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Things to consider when selecting a lace wig

Posted on January 11, 2011 at 11:44 AM Comments comments (69)

This blog is designed to give new lace wig buyers a few helpful tips to make an well informed decision before purchasing.

We get a lot of questions on how to select a natural looking lace wig and we hope this information will be useful to you, because we know there are tons of information on the internet about lace wigs and it can be very confusing for a newbie (term used for a new lace wig wearer).  

Quick Note: Before you do anything, we suggest you write a list of all the features you want included in your lace wig, because more times than not you can become overwhelmed by the selection process and lose sight of what features you really wanted to begin with.

Okay, lets get started....

You need to decide whether you want to go with a stock (pre-made) or custom lace wig.

Stock lace wigs take all the guesswork out, what you see is what you get. We often suggest that our first time buyers start with one of our stock units to become acquainted with lace wigs before making a bigger investment in the more detailed lace wigs.

Custom lace wigs gives you more design flexibility to make the lace wigs to your own specifications, as well as the ability to fulfill your every want and desire.
Both stock and custom lace wigs offer a natural looking hairline and lots of styling variations.

More thing to consider....

Cap Style: Full Lace or Lace Front

Lace Type: Swiss (finer, less detectable) or French (stronger, more durable, not as invisible as the Swiss)

Remy Hair: Also known as cuticle or virgin hair. Remy hair is most desirable because its closest to its natural state with the least amount of chemical processing, making it stronger and less likely to tangle or mat.

Texture: Hair textures can range from straight, wavy, curly and tight curly, select a texture you are comfortable wearing and easy for you to maintain if you are unable to get to the salon.

Length: You will want to select a maintainable length, some people find that extremely long lengths can be a challenge to maintain.

Looking for a high quality lace wig or need help designing your very own natural lace wig.
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We offer the most natural looking lace wigs on the internet and are established leaders in lace wig education and training.