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Caring for your NaturalLace full lace or lace front wig

Posted on January 12, 2011 at 1:48 PM Comments comments (3256)
Now that you have purchase your new lace wig, you want to do everything possible to to preserve the life of your Remy lace wig.

Step #1- Shampoo process

Use a good shampoo and conditioner made for dry hair. My recommendations would be Nexus Therappe moisturizing shampoo & Nexus Keraphix conditioner or a good sulfate-free shampoo and condition because they’re gently on the hair. 
Brush the lace wig through to remove any tangles seen or unseen.
Saturate the hair with water and gently shampoo the hair in one direction only and follow with conditioner in the same manner. (try not to apply the condition too close to the roots, remember this is a hand tied unit and the knots can be loosened)
Gently brush or comb all the hair toward the same direction, using a wide tooth comb or vent brush, make sure to start at the ends of your lace wig and work your way up. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, even a small amount of product left behind can reck havoc on your unit. Apply a quarter-size amount of Chi Silk Infusion on the hair (while it’s still wet) this gives the hair natural looking sheen without leaving it oily feeling.

Step #2- Drying process

Air dry your lace wig on the mannequin head or place under a hard cap dryer. I wouldn’t recommend using a hand held hair dryer, due to the concentration of heat that can be applied. Hand held hair dryers and too much use of electric appliances can also increase dryness. The hair is no longer being supplied with the natural oils that come from the scalp to keep the hair pliable and without those natural oils, you must take extra care and do the extra mile to preserve the hair.
Too much heat used and lack of care will make even your own hair brittle and break, less more your lace wig. Once your lace wig is dry, turn it inside out and place back on mannequin head.  Use your knot sealer - a good sealer would be “ Knot my Problem”, which can be purchase @ Sealing your knots will help in preventing any shedding, that might occur over time. Shedding is natural and will happen over time with all lace wigs, especially full lace wigs because of the hairs are individually tied to the base.

Step #3- Knot sealing

Once the lace wig is completely dry, place the lace wig inside out on the mannequin and spray even coats over the entire unit. Do not over-saturate, you don’t want the knot sealer to seep through to the other side where the hair is. Two coats are recommended, allow to dry between coats.

Step #4 -Styling

Now that you have completed the shampooing, drying, sealing and have applied your lace wig, style the hair as you like. Never over work your lace wig. Too much handling and excessive combing and brushing can cause tangles in the hair and accelerate shedding. It is highly recommended that you do not use hair sprays, oils, grease and products with alcohol on your lace wig, this can dry out the hair and can severe tangling. 

Step #5- Night-time Care

Brush the hair through, apply about a dime size amount of Chi Silk Infusion and wrap and tie your lace wig up. Always sleep with your hair tied up in a satin scarf, cap, or sleep on a satin pillow case to reduce the friction caused be cotton pillow cases. This will greatly reduce tangles, and breakage. (ABSOLUTELY, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GO TO SLEEP WITH YOUR HAIR WET!!!)

Last but not least, my final recommendation for maintaining the life of your lace wigs, would be to have more than one lace wig so that you can alternate between them and this way you will not be putting excessive wear and tear on just one unit.

Yours Truly,
Camille, Master Wig Maker and Founder of NaturalLace Wigs