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My Natural Lace Wigs, LLC

Insurance Information

Are you aware that you may be eligible for reimbursement through your health care plan?

For persons who have insurance and are purchasing Lace Wigs for medical conditions may be covered for what the insurance companies call "Hair Prosthesis". If a person requires a "cranium hair prosthesis" while undergoing alopecia or cancer -related therapy, then they may be eligible for reimbursement under their health care provider.

As a courtesy to our customers, we have complied some information that will help you with filing your claim.

If you need to wear a wig because of medical reasons like Alopecia, and cancer-related therapy then the wig should be called a "cranium hair prosthesis" particularly for insurance purposes. If you file a claim for reimbursement for a "wig" you will more than likely be turned down. Most of the insurance companies cover between 80 to 100% of cranium prosthesis. More insurance companies are starting to realize the necessity of these cranium prosthesis for those individuals who are recovering from Alopecia and cancer-related treatments. Please adhere to these guidelines to assure coverage, when its available through your insurance carrier. Your physician should be able to provide all the details and make the referral for the purchase of your "Cranium Hair Prosthesis.

When receiving your Hair Prosthesis have your stylist or wig retailer complete an invoice for a "Cranium Hair Prosthesis" NOT a wig and use the following guidelines for filing an insurance claim.

  1. Check the benefits of your insurance handbook. You should look under the section called "Covered Expenses" relating to prosthesis, prosthetic devices or medical durable equipment. Most insurance companies don't spell out exclusions so pay attention to the actual coverage.
  2. Make sure to complete the insurance form and have it signed by your physician.
  3. Request that your physician write a "prescription" for a "full cranium prosthesis" (not a wig) and a letter explaining hair loss and its effects. That it not just for cosmetic reasons but for essential for emotional well being as well.
  4. Keep copies of your sales receipts or invoices for you cranium prosthesis. (portions of unpaid items by the insurance company may be tax deductible)
  5. Enclose a letter to the insurance company stating the necessity of a cranium prosthesis.

Some other helpful suggestions are:

  • Include a letter from your employer,
  • Take pictures of yourself without hair,
  • Hand write a letter detailing the emotional effects that your condition has had on your life,
  • Bring a copy of your prescription and paid bill to the American Cancer Society for a partial reimbursement.

If your insurance coverage is denied, you can appeal it:

  • Ask for review by a medical review board, include the original claim.
  • Ask for a written reply as to why the claim was denied.
  • Send a letter to the claims department supervisor. Get his/her name and send it directly to them.

These steps are just for your reference. Remember to follow the procedures outlined by your insurance company to receive the fullest benefits possible. Most companies cover between 80-100%. Individual insurance companies as well as the state insurance board (this may vary state to state) may have other or additional steps to complete.

If you do not have insurance you could contact your state or county agencies. The County Department of Social Services offer medical assistance in most states for individuals who meet certain income requirements.

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