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My Natural Lace Wigs, LLC

New Courses for Wig Making - 2017

As of August 1, My Natural Lace Wigs implemented a new trial format for our lace wig making class. It is designed to accommodate the individual who really do not need all of the elements included in our traditional lace wig making class, and to be more affordable for individuals who really want to learn how to make wigs but can not pay the price for the full course but is able to do it in sections.

Each course will be for three hours. Certification upon completion. Supplies are included and additional supplies are available for purchase.

Creating a Foundation - $275.00

Full Lace, Lace Front, Clueless, 360 unit, Closure. Full Lace, Lace Front, Clueless, 360 unit, Closure *How to choose the right color lace for your skin tone *Making a Template *Taking Measurement

Ventilation Class - $325.00

*Ventilation Illustration, *Single Knot, Double Knot, Half Knot, *Creating Parts - Stationary, Freestyle, Baby hair

Application & Removal - $300.00

*Adhesives, Tapes, Clips, Sew - Ins *Removal with Citrus Oils and Alcohol *Bleaching the Knots *Cleaning and Detangling