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My Natural Lace Wigs, LLC

NaturalLace Couture

Our high end, elegant custom handmade lace wigs are made with the sheerest, finest lace available that virtually disappears when it is applied to the skin for maximum undetectability even up close.

Only the best quality virgin Remy hair is used in the production of these high caliber units, to create natural realistic looking lace wig that moves and feel like it grew out of your own scalp.

Our master wig maker give extreme attention to detail when constructing these upscale lace units. NaturalLace Couture line is made to measure, literally made by hand and carefully fitted to perfection for each client. The process of constructing these upscale units can be very time consuming sometimes taking up to 8-12 weeks to complete one unit.

Prices for these made by design pieces range from $3500.00 to $8000.00.

It may be a bit difficult for some people to understand why the price for NaturalLace Couture units are so high, but it is for the service, the workmanship, originality and uniqueness of the design, last but not least superb materials of the finest quality used to make a high end lace wig of this magnitude. Once, you have had real custom couture lace wig, you will never go back to average.

NaturalLace wigs should not be mistaken for the inferior lace wigs being sold elsewhere.

To place an order call: 203-999-0601